She literally changed my life.

There are particular folks who practice their medical arts in our communities whom tend to be the rather hidden healers. They are the ones who fly under the wire in terms of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement; they tend to be humble, while quietly doing their good works. Nearly 8 months ago I had a back injury/stress related issue where my sacrum

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Helped my back problems, my mental health, and my outlook on life

Laurie was able to inspire me to get back to exercising again and recommended a great place that is a good fit for me. It has helped my back problems, my mental health, and my outlook on life. She is intuitive and inspirational. I felt that she understood me and what my needs were.

C. Johnson, Ojai

37 year old athletic father of 3

I have had a chronic stomach problem for several decades.  No amount of diet therapy or herbal medicine was able to ease the nauseous sensation in my upper stomach, which was particularly sensitive to touch.  After the first acupuncture session with Laurie, the area felt immensely improved.  There was a soothing, warm feeling where it once felt uncomfortable and

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Back Pain Recovery

“I threw my back out and was totally laid up, I could barely get out of bed without severe pain. Laurie’s treatment of acupuncture and micro-current healing calm my body, mind and muscles, enabling me to move my bones again without pain- Ahh relief. Simply put she’s a lifesaver!”

Aaron P

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