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Back Pain Recovery

“I threw my back out and was totally laid up, I could barely get out of bed without severe pain. Laurie’s treatment of acupuncture and micro-current healing calm my body, mind and muscles, enabling me to move my bones again without pain- Ahh relief. Simply put she’s a lifesaver!”

Aaron P

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Soft Tissue Injury Rehab

“I came in for an acupuncture treatment for low back pain. During the session Laurie asked me about what happened to my calf. I told her I had been in an accident, damaging the muscle in my calf, and have been limping and in a lot of pain ever since. After receiving her treatment, I was able to go on a hike with 75%

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“I have found sessions with Laurie to be the most effective way to get back in track with my wellness.”

Joann W

Post Surgical Recovery

“As someone who’s had many surgeries, what helped me the most was having acupuncture. Laurie Edgcomb is amazing. Treatments totally sped up the healing process and lowered the pain level! I can’t say enough great things about her. Call her!”

Robert Q