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She literally changed my life.

There are particular folks who practice their medical arts in our communities whom tend to be the rather hidden healers. They are the ones who fly under the wire in terms of self-promotion and self-aggrandizement; they tend to be humble, while quietly doing their good works. Nearly 8 months ago I had a back injury/stress related issue where my sacrum area felt like it was slipping, the bones wobbly. During 8 months of limited mobility and discomfort I consulted an orthopedic surgeon, had x-rays, saw a physical therapist, chiropractor, herbalist, etc., but nothing helped, and some things, like chiropractic (which usually helps) seemed to make it worse. Then, I made a commitment to see Laurie Edgcomb twice a week for 6 weeks.

Six weeks later my back is healed!  I can’t recommend Laurie enough. She is thorough, committed, gifted, warm, skillful, and compassionate. She is very present and aware, and I feel such gratitude towards her. For any disorder, ailment, illness, medical challenges I encourage everyone to work with Laurie. She literally changed my life.