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37 year old athletic father of 3

I have had a chronic stomach problem for several decades.  No amount of diet therapy or herbal medicine was able to ease the nauseous sensation in my upper stomach, which was particularly sensitive to touch.  After the first acupuncture session with Laurie, the area felt immensely improved.  There was a soothing, warm feeling where it once felt uncomfortable and tight.  Two more sessions with Laurie and the disease was gone.  My abdomen now feels comfortable and healthy.  To have gotten such immediate relief for a condition that has plagued me since childhood was absolutely remarkable.  

After an extensive knee reconstruction surgery due to a skiing accident .I had given up on restoring full sensation and feeling to my right knee.  The surgery was nearly three years ago, and despite dedicated efforts at physical therapy and rehabilitation, there was still visible swelling in the knee, and a loss of much nerve function.  Acupuncture with Laurie has breathed new life into my battered joint.  The heat and swelling have reduced substantially.  My knee moves more freely and feels much more like my uninjured knee now.  I had begun to simply accept my compromised condition as an inevitable consequence of a major surgery, but the healing power of acupuncture has worked wonders on my knee.

Adam K