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Microcurrent Vibrational Medicine

What is Vibrational Medicine?
Vibration refers to oscillation, or back and forth movement – like a plucked guitar string. Each vibration has a frequency, or rate at which it oscillates. One of the primary ways we experience vibration is through sound and music – each tone is a different frequency.

Vibrations can convey messages, and can be a form of information.

Vibrational Medicine is the use of frequencies of, color light or frequency-specific microcurrent for healing purposes.

Vibrational Medicine can produce remarkably effective results to rapidly relieve pain, ease depression and anxiety, boost vitality and rejuvenate aging facial muscles.

All of these methods work through the principle of resonance. That is the ability for a vibrating energy field to harmonize or boost another energy field. Red light, for example, can boost  your kidney , liver or other organ functions helping a person to feel more healthy and energized.

If you can resonate with something you can influence it. That is the basis for vibrational medicine.

Forms of Vibrational Medicine
Let’s look at a few applications of vibrational medicine:

Frequency-Specific Microcurrent:      Microcurrent therapy is an ideal way to bring frequency information into the body. Microcurrent has been demonstrated to promote tissue healing after injuries, relieve pain and promote lymphatic drainage.


Color Light Therapy: Color light is the only part of the electro-magnetic energy spectrum that humans can see with our eyes. Each color that we recognize is a visible form of vibrating energy. Each wavelength of light between 400 and 700 nanometers(billionths of a meter) produces a characteristic color.

Each color has well documented healing effects. Some of these include tissue healing acceleration, pain relief, lifting and rejuvenating the face, helping regulate function of internal Organs, hormonal balancing and therapies for reducing depression and anxiety.

This all works because of the powerful resonance between colors and the energy system. Each of the seven major chakras in the body dominate, energize and help regulate major Organs, glands, nerve plexi and an aspect of feeling and emotion.

In our research we have found that the addition of color therapy to microcurrent and/or acupuncture boosts treatment effectiveness .


Combining Vibrational Therapies
We can summarize the effects of vibrational therapies like this:

Microcurrent (usually used in very low frequency level range of 0.1 – 1000 Hz): relieves pain, lifts and rejuvenates the face and body, speeds healing, provides effective non-needle acupuncture treatments.  When specific microcurrent frequencies are applied that target dysfunctional organs, systems and conditions it can also produce a wide range of remarkable health improvements.

Sound (middle frequency range of 20 – 20 thousand Hz):  Reduces stress, balances brain hemispheres, cleanses negative emotions, removes energetic blockages, stimulates immune system, stimulates circulation.

Color Light (highest frequency range of 430 trillion – 750 trillion Hz):  Helps regulate autonomic nervous system, powerful effects on mood, affect and emotional states, direct effect on endocrine hormones.

Color light therapy significantly enhances pain-relieving and rejuvenating effects of microcurrent.

I have extensively experimented with various therapeutic combinations of microcurrent, light and sound.  We have confirmed that the simultaneous application of all three of these levels of vibration can produce very positive clinical results.  I have designed the Microlight Probe System that applies microcurrent and any of 12 colors of light at the same time.

The PNE Balancing system I have developed for treating emotional disorders includes guided sound toning while Microlight therapy is applied to their energy centers.  I have witnessed many patients shift from a negative, fearful state to a more open and empowered .

Vibrational Medicine Clinical Services

1.  Pain Rehabilitation with Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture – Traditional acupuncture has earned a well-deserved reputation for effective pain relief.  Microcurrent electro-acupuncture takes the pain-relieving results of needle acupuncture to a whole new level.  How does it do this?  This is  accomplished through the use of specific frequencies, current modulations, added color light and Yin-Yang balancing polarities.  All of these factors can speed results, provide for better whole-body balancing and improve carry-over of results.

This last point is significant.  There are numerous research studies documenting the tissue healing acceleration produced by microcurrent treatment.  By empowering it’s cellular and tissue level healing process it is much more likely that the root causes of pain and inflammation will be removed.

2.  The Ideal Weight Program™ – Considering that at least 70% of Americans are overweight or obese, and that obesity is a major aggravating factor for chronic diseases of aging  it is clear that better solutions are needed.

An acupuncturist and former psychiatric nurse from Minnesota named Debi Weiss has developed a multi-faceted program for weight loss and lifestyle medicine called the Ideal Weight Program.   This system uses  frequency-specific microcurrent.

A series of 12 sessions also includes detoxification of key organs, ph balancing, color therapy, exercise .

The Ideal Weight Program   form of Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC)   The federal government has mandated that MDs  put patients with diabetes and high cholesterol on TLC programs prior to putting them on long-term medications.

3.  Energy Light Rejuvenation (ELR) – ELR can provide whole-body benefits with facial rejuvenation because of the meridian connections between the face and all internal organs.  When appropriate colors of light and frequencies of microcurrent are applied to the acu-points of the face a two-way communication is stimulated.  ELR clients enjoy rapid rejuvenation of their faces and, in many cases, other rejuvenating effects on the body. Results have included weight loss, pain relief, relieving fatigue and depression and improved attitude and affect.