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Facial Rejuvenation

Will I see results after the first session?

Yes. A common way of marketing ELR™ is to treat only half of a client’s face. When they look in the mirror afterwards, they will clearly see the difference! One session is unlikely to have long lasting results, however. A series of sessions is required to re-educate the facial muscles and accomplish rejuvenation of the facial tissues and energy systems.

How many sessions are required for lasting results, and how often are sessions required?

For most clients, 10 sessions over a 5 – 7 week period will provide a gratifying, long-lasting effect. Ideal scheduling is 3 sessions the first week, 2 sessions each in the second and third weeks, and then 1 session a week for 3 – 4 weeks. To maintain the full benefits, the client should receive a booster treatment every 4 – 8 weeks after completing the series. Up to 20 sessions may be required for older people with deep wrinkles, sun worshipers or smokers.

How long does it take to perform a ELR™ session? Energy Light Rejuvenation

A complete ELR™ session takes 45 min to one hour. A partial “lunch hour” facial can be completed in one half hour 20 to 30  with noticeable rejuvenating and lifting effects.

How does ELR™ compare to a surgical face-lift or botox injections?

ELR™ is beneficial to the well-being.  A surgical face-lift, in which the tissues of the face are cut and literally stretched, is likely to quickly erase deep wrinkles more rapidly than non-invasive techniques such as ELR™. Surgical face-lifts have several serious disadvantages, however. When the delicate muscles and fascia of the face are severed, scar tissue often forms and the subtle bio-electrical pathways (meridians) of the face may be disrupted. This can reduce availability of life-force energy to the face, which may actually reduce collagen synthesis and speed the aging process. ELR can help recover  from tissue damage.

Botox injections work by partially paralyzing the nerves of the face, thus relaxing chronic muscle tension. This may reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Again, severely reducing normal electro-physiology in this way may actually speed the aging process over time. In the long run, injection of this neuro-toxin may have negative effects on the immune system and vitality. It has not been used long enough to see these long term effects.

Over a series of 8 – 12 treatments ELR™ significantly reduces wrinkles and improves the texture, color and tonality of the skin. It supports the overall well-being of the client, which shows through feelings of well-being and noticeable radiance of the face. ELR™ has no negative side effects when correctly applied. It is also far less costly than a surgical face-lift.

How does ELR™ work?


  1. Increases natural collagen and elastin production, which fills out hollows in the face.
  2. Improves blood circulation.
  3. Promotes lymphatic drainage and detoxification of the tissues of the face (or body when used in other areas).
  4. Adjusts tone of facial muscles. When too flaccid, tone is increased. When too taut, muscle tone is relaxed.
  5. Activates and enhances the subtle information communication systems of the cells and tissues. This is a prime effect of color light when applied through acupuncture points.
  6. Promotes circulation of bio-electricity through the tissues of the face, and connections to the rest of the body. This is beneficial on many levels. According to contemporary Japanese research, all bodily functions are regulated and powered by subtle electrical signals passing through the fascial (connective) tissues. This is the physical substrate of the meridian system described in the classics of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is the art of unblocking and balancing bio-electricity (Qi) with needles. ELR™ works in a similar way, but requires no needles ..

Are there any contra-indications for ELR™ treatment?

Yes. Contra-indications include seizure diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, herpes outbreaks, patients with heart pacemakers and with open wounds on the face. For clients with the following disorders, treat with caution: patients tending toward migraines, extreme cases of rosacea, high blood pressure, patients on blood thinners and with ulcerated, irritated skin. Skilled whole-body microcurrent or acupuncture treatment may be beneficial for these conditions. It is not advisable to treat women during the first trimester of pregnancy, or women in poor health or with a history of miscarriage during any stage of pregnancy.





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